Nolvadex – modern technologies for bodybuilding

Nolvadex was originally developed to treat women. Its medicinal purpose is to prevent the development of malignant tumors in the mammary gland. Today, the drug is actively used by athletes. In bodybuilding, it is used to lower estrogen levels and prevent gynecomastia in men. Some athletes combine it with anabolic steroids, others take it as a recovery tool after a steroid cycle.

Bodybuilding benefits

The drug refers to agents with anti-estrogenic action, ie. H. Estrogen receptor blockade. Why would an athlete need this? The fact is that while steroids increase testosterone production, they also increase female hormone levels, especially estradiol. If the symptoms are not treated with aromatase inhibitors (anastrozole, letrozole) or their use is insufficient and the early stages of gynecomastia develop, then instead of a dramatic muscular figure, a man is at risk of ‘have a sagging chest and hips, vitality problems, and at the same time many other unpleasant consequences.

To prevent such reactions, if aromatase and prolactin inhibitors are not enough, Nolvadex is also used, which blocks the action of estrogen in the body.

However, Nolvadex cannot be used in a cycle with nadrolone and trenbolone. But the benefit of the drug is also a slight effect on the body. If you do not abuse it, the likelihood of developing unpleasant reactions is minimal. To monitor the condition, periodic hormonal tests are recommended.

Bodybuilding benefits

Bodybuilding benefits

Nolvadex and PCT

The use of the drug contributes to the accelerated production of its own testosterone. As a result, the independent production of the male hormone is normalized, thereby maintaining muscle mass. But here’s the trick. The direct function of Nolvadex is to relieve estrogen levels in the body. And among its flaws, slow testicular function stands out, which suggests that the drug is not the best option for PCT. For post cycle therapy, there is a very effective drug – clomiphene citrate, which does an excellent job and would be most recommended for PCT. True, the cost is 2-3 times higher than Nolvadex, but the result is much better.

Side effects

If you use Nolvadex wisely, the drug will not harm your health. However, experimentation with large doses is strongly discouraged due to the toxic properties of Nolvadex. Anti-estrogen abuse can cause:

  • fever, rash;
  • disorders of the kidneys, liver;
  • digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dry mouth);
  • blurred vision (with prolonged use);
  • headache, drowsiness, fatigue.

If you experience these or any other side effects, you should stop taking Nolvadex and consult your doctor. Also, the disadvantages of the drug include suppressed production of insulin-like growth factors, testicular function, increased risk of thrombosis, and decreased libido.

Post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy

The dosage of the drug during the recovery period depends on the length of the steroid cycle. Nolvadex Citrate in bodybuilding is used after all anabolic steroids except Nandrolone and Trenbolone.

Warning! When choosing a regimen, trust your pre-course sex hormones, because if your pre-course tests showed low or below average hormones, it is best to choose the “Second Option” and therefore , with good analyzes before the course . , choose the “First option”.

Scheme for taking Nolvadex for men after a 6-week cure:

  • 20 days: 20 mg.
  • 10 days: 10 mg + 50 mg zinc + 10 mg vitamin B6.

Total quantity of Nolvadex: 50 tablets of 10 mg. PCT duration: 30 days.

Take Nolvadex after the course for 8-12 weeks:

  • 10 days: 40 mg.
  • 25 days: 20 mg + 50 mg zinc + 10 mg vitamin B6.
  • 10 days: 10 mg + 50 mg zinc + 10 mg vitamin B6.

The duration of the PCT is 45 days.