Cabergoline is a popular drug and fat burner

Cabergoline is a substance that helps suppress prolactin production, increases potency and erection, and lowers blood pressure. Preparations based on Cabergoline: Bergolac, Agalates, Dostinex.

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Basic properties

The active ingredient cabergoline is a dopamine receptor agonist. Its main effect is to suppress levels of prolactin, a peptide hormone. It can lower blood pressure, increase libido and erection. Thanks to the expansion of erectile tissue, recovery after intercourse takes much less time.

The peptide hormone affects mood, but its synthesis is directly related to behavior. This creates a kind of vicious circle. When a man is depressed, the production of prolactin increases, and when he is happy, an increase in dopamine, on the contrary, significantly reduces the synthesis of the hormone.

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Application in bodybuilding

In the vast majority of cases, cabergoline is used in bodybuilding to solve the following problems:

  • decrease in prolactin levels;
  • reduction of fluid accumulation in the muscles;
  • improved muscle quality.
Application in bodybuilding

Application in bodybuilding

In addition, cabergoline helps to almost completely eliminate the side effects of taking progestogen-type anabolic steroids (deca, trenbolone, nandrolone).

Dosage and Admission Courses

The doses and course of taking cabergoline depend on the goals and prolactin levels:

  • During a steroid cycle: 0.25 mg cabergoline every 7-21 days, starting 3-4 weeks into the cycle when the steroid concentration is highest. The dose and the frequency of administration are calculated according to the analyzes (prolactin level).
  • To lower the prolactin level: if the prolactin level in the blood exceeds normal – 0.25 mg of cabergoline every 4 days. Prolactin analysis should be performed after two doses of the drug, followed by adjustment of treatment.
Dosage and Admission Courses

Dosage and Admission Courses

It is important!

Taking pharmacological preparations for sports purposes can cause irreversible damage to health. Be sure to consult your doctor!

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Side effects

The frequency of side effects when taking cabergoline directly depends on the dose of the drug. When using small doses (1 tablet per week), there are practically no side effects; they sometimes complain of loss of appetite and mood suppression. The use of higher doses of cabergoline is only due to a significant excess in the level of prolactin in the blood.

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The most common side effects are: nausea, constipation, dyspepsia, dry mouth, shortness of breath.

Rare side effects: allergies, rash, insomnia, dizziness, depression, erythromelalgia, drop in blood pressure, peripheral edema, cardiac arrhythmia, heart valve damage, pericarditis.