What Happens When You Visit A Chiropractor?

The main function of chiropractors is to improve the relation between structure and functionality of the body.

When you visit a chiropractor, the procedures you will go through include the initial patient intake, a physical exam, treatment and later on a follow-up plan. During the intake, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire and answer questions regarding your health history. The chiropractor will ask you to indicate the areas of your body where you are experiencing discomfort and then mark them on a drawing of a human body.

During the physical exam, a routine physical exam will be conducted on you followed by an exam that focuses on the spine, with specific attention being given to the areas of complaint. Your whole spine is likely to be examined. For instance, if you were experiencing pain in your lower back, a neck exam will be performed by the chiropractor since pain from another area of the body is likely to cause secondary pain in the spine.

During consultations, the chiropractor will tell you the status of your condition as well as the right approach that you will need to use towards treating that condition. The chiropractor should be candid with you about the manual adjustments that will be done to the spine or other joints such as the knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder or elbow in order to improve joint function or restore structural alignment. If the manual adjustments are too painful for you, the chiropractor will administer them using mild or non-force techniques.

X-rays of your spine are likely to be taken before treatment in order to study the condition of soft tissues as well as the bony anatomy. The X-rays will also help the chiropractor to understand if there are any anomalies in the spine area, the extent of wear and many other factors that will be very crucial when it comes to establishing the development of the treatment plan. The assessments that are done during the physical exam include palpation, motion tests, muscle strength comparisons, reflex testing as well as orthopedic and neurological tests that are focused on the main complaint.

After the physical exam is done, a treatment that takes into account your general health, the extent of irritation or injury, the condition of your spine as affected by a previous injury or age and what your goals are will be done. The goals of treatment will be established from the discussion you will have with the chiropractor. It is important for the chiropractor to know whether you are just seeking simple relief from discomfort or pain or you would like to start a regimen of ongoing care that is aimed at improving your general health.

Dr. Lee, a practicing Columbus Ohio chiropractor, highly recommends ongoing treatments noting that preventative measures are far less costly to take before a problem gets out of hand.

Regardless if you are looking for short term relief or want to start living a healthier life, it is important to visit a chiropractor at least once a year to ensure that your spine is developing properly. Catching arthritis and other back issues in the early stages and putting a treatment plan in place to combat these issues will making aging and getting older much easier!


Healthy Spine

9 Easy Ways To Keep Your Spine Healthy

Most people take spinal health for granted until they are involved in something that affects their spines negatively. However there are measures that one can take to ensure that your spine remains in good shape all through out your life. The following tips will guide you on how to maintain good health of your spine.

1. Ensure that you remain mobile – For your spine to function properly, you need to stay active. This helps your spine to maintain core strength which is very essential for the health of the spine. It also ensures that your joints remain limber for continued health.

2. Ensure that you maintain a healthy weight - This means that you should have the right weight for your frame . Excess weight causes stress to the spine which leads to back pain.

3. Adopt a good diet plan – Good nutrition contributes a lot to the health of your spine. Include leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet to ensure that you remain healthy.

4. Ensure that you take lots of water daily – Drinking water is beneficial to your overall health. Your spine needs water to function properly and also to repair itself.

5. Using the right kind of chair – Most of us spend a lot of time sitting down behind our desks. Ensure your chair has a good lumbar support that allows you to sit correctly all through the day. Correct sitting position will ensure that your spine remains healthy .

6. Wearing the right kind of shoes – Shoes that support your spine will go a long way in maintaining the health of your spine. This is because wearing the right kind of shoes ensures that your spine is always aligned correctly.

7. Quitting smoking – Smoking has been found to be harmful to your spine . Nicotine in cigarettes interferes with the blood supply to the discs of the spine and this causes your spine’s health to deteriorate.

8. Getting enough sleep – Ensure that your mattress is always firm enough to support your back properly.

9. Visit a chiropractor- Go see a professional chiropractor at least once a year to make sure everything is aligned properly.  I could list out  all the reasons why you should visit your local chiropractor annually, but I’d rather let Dr. Oz do it

Spinal health is essential and one should always ensure that the correct measures are always taken to maintain it . The tips that are mentioned in this article will go a long way in ensuring that you achieve this important goal.

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